Let us pray for you

As a church we believe in the power of prayer and offer confidential prayer at any time and also public prayer on a Sunday. On a weekly basis we pray for our community generally and those we know who are facing difficulty at this time. We pray for people whatever their situation and can also offer support at times of need. We can also visit those who are ill or dying or in need of a listening ear (but this is optional).

We also offer prayers of thanks for what God has done in our lives and the lives of the community.

If you would like us to pray for you or give thanks then please fill in the form below.

There is no obligation, this is a free and confidential service, and unless you tell us otherwise on the form we will only pray for you publicly on the Sunday nearest and privately as soon as possible. We will also not use your email address for anything (other than a possible follow up to see how things are) unless you tell us on the form below.