Your big day

If you are looking to get Married, have your child Baptised (or Christened) or need help with a funeral


Baptism’s can take place at our services on Sunday mornings, where the congregation would love to welcome you and your guests to one of our services. Also, if you live in Kings Hill, you have a right to seek baptism in either Kings Hill, Mereworth or West Malling. Baptisms can take place in Sunday services or in ‘private’ baptisms by arrangement. Please contact Rev. Mark Montgomery in the first instance to arrange the Baptism.


If you live in Kings Hill, you can get married in either Mereworth or West Malling in two beautiful, rural, traditional churches soaked in hundreds of years of prayer. It may also be possible to get married in the small, beautiful village churches in Offham and West Peckham.

Checking your parish

While it is feasible to have your big day in whichever of the four churches you most associate with, a good first port-of-call is to check which parish you live in and then contact the appropriate clergyperson.

To find out which parish you live in, visit the website and enter your postcode. You will then be able to access contact information for the parish and the relevant clergyperson to assist you with your enquiry.

Please note that in March 2015, the Parish Boundaries around Kings Hill were revised and may not have yet caught up. See this article on our website for more help.