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Seen the article in the Downs Mail and want to know more?

We are starting something new alongside our morning services from September, as your Church of England Church on Kings Hill, St Gabriel’s develops and changes.

New Venue: Valley Invicta Primary School
New Time: Sunday’s at 4pm

From September 2019, alongside Sunday mornings at Discovery School, we are launching Sunday’s at 4pm – a new service on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.

On the 2nd Sunday of the month, our very popular Messy Church will be going monthly with – activities, worship and food for all ages – sort of like a third Sunday mornings but with more activities and food.

On the 4th Sunday a brand new service, worship, prayer, bible study for all ages.

A new start for Kings Hill

On Sunday 7th July a new movement took place in the life of Kings Hill, where for the first time ever the Church of England licensed Rev. Mark Montgomery as the first full time priest ever solely licensed to King Hill and making St Gabriel’s an independent Church of England congregation in the Diocese of Rochester. This was marked by a licensing service at our second worshipping venue of Valley Invicta Primary at Kings Hill.

Some F.A.Q’s

What about Sunday mornings?

Nothing is changing about Sunday mornings (apart from our weekly pattern of service types), we will still be gathering 10am at the Discovery School, with two Holy Communions a month, our very popular Parade and All Age service and  a worship and word service. Same place, same time! We will also be holding our regular Festivals at the Discovery School (Christmas, Easter, Harvest etc.)

Why the new services? 

We’ve been wanting to run Messy Church on a  monthly for many months, as we once did, but have struggled to find the right venue since not being able to use The Discovery School in the afternoon, alongside this members of our congregations and wider community have suggested that 4pm would be a great time to worship. So we are responding to that need, as our church expands and develops.

How did we announce it?

We announced it in our local congregation news email and also as an article that has been printed in Trio our parish magazine for the past two months, explaining some of the reasons for this. This can be read below.

Trio June and July 2019

Something new is happening, change is in the air, a new movement of the spirit is taking place at St Gabriel’s.

We understand that Sunday mornings are not always a great time to come to church, there’s sport, children’s sport, visiting, friends, family, the night out the day before, farmers markets, visitors and a whole host of other things.

That’s why we are really excited to announce that from September, we will be launching a new Sunday afternoon congregation, in a new venue of Valley Invicta Primary School Kings Hill, initially meeting twice a month, on the second and fourth Sunday, at 4pm. 

On the second Sunday we will taking the next step in our popular Messy Church service by moving it monthly. There will be six full on Messy Church, and six Messy Church Lites, which will have all the things you love about Messy Church but with a few less crafts, and a more intergenerational feel. Messy Church isn’t just for children you know!

On the fourth Sunday of the month, we will be launching a new service, there will be praise and singing, prayer ministry, deeper bible teaching and fellowship. We will be going where the spirit leads on this one!

This is a new movement in the St Gabriel’s journey, and to mark this you are all invited to the Licensing, by the Bishop of Tonbridge, of Rev Mark Montgomery as leader of the Bishops Mission Order that is St Gabriel’s on Sunday 7th July, 4pm at Valley Invicta Primary School Kings Hill, This will formally move Mark from being Associate Priest in the other Cluster Parishes to being solely licensed to Kings Hill. This will also be one of our test services as we get used to using Valley on a regular basis.

Please pray for us as we make this movement and next step in the life of St Gabriel’s.



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