Light Up to Bright Up!

This November lockdown and through the winter, we are inviting you to bring hope to others and inviting members of the community to engage in Light up to Bright up. If you can afford to, we invite you to put up your outside Christmas lights , during the lock down, and keep them lit through January. 

In these darkest of times it’s a chance to brighten up the community and bring hope to  others that there is light at the end of the darkness.. In Christian and other faiths, light, e.g. candles bring hope and comfort in dark times. At Christmas we talk about Jesus coming as the light of the world to bring hope to those in darkness and a light no darkness can put out. 

So let’s bring hope to others and to each other and Light up to Bright up the Kings Hill Community this November, December and January. If you can collect or give to charity as you light up to bright up please do.

Please don’t do this if you can’t afford to, and of course if  you need help with putting food on your table at this time, please contact St Gabriel’s food bank and we can help.