Drive in Church!

St Gabriel’s made history on Kings Hill hosting the very first Drive in Church on Sunday 4th October. Originally planned as an outdoor worship – ‘Harvest in the Car Park’ – the rain meant we quickly changed it to a drive in service. Whilst some people braved the rain and stood under umbrellas, most stayed in their cars, even receiving communion through car windows.

Harvest in the car park, was St Gabriel’s first ‘in Real life worship’ since lockdown in March, and it allowed members of the church and community to come together to share in a Covid Safe and Socially Distanced Harvest Festival and communion service. Since lockdown began all services have been broadcast on both Facebook and YouTube.

‘It was wonderful to share in worship together with members of the congregation and community, even if was a little wet’ said Rev Mark Montgomery, the Mission Leader for St Gabriel’s, the Church of England on Kings Hill. As part of the service Harvest gifts were received for both the Kings Hill and Pilsdon Community Food Banks.

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