Prayer for HRH Prince Phillip

We are incredibly sad to hear the news of the Death of Prince Phillip. Our condolences are with HM Queen Elizabeth II and all the Royal Family at this time.

May we invite you to join us in remembering His Royal Highness in prayer with these words:

Blessed Jesus,

Lord of Lords and King of Kings,

we give you thanks

for the life of Philip, Duke of Edinburgh .

for the grace and mercy

he received from you,

for his faithful love and support

of Her Majesty, The Queen,

and his service to this nation

at home and abroad.

Enfold him in your everlasting arms

grant him rest

and raise him up at the last

in the company of the saints in light. Amen

We remember, too, the Royal Family in their bereavement.

O God, our sovereign and shepherd,

who brought again your Son, Jesus Christ,

from the valley of death,

comfort, we pray,

The Queen and all the Royal Family

with your protecting presence.

Fill them with your Holy Spirit;

and with your heavenly peace;

and bring them at the last

to your everlasting kingdom;

through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen

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