No Service at The Discovery School Sunday

As you all are aware with the recent snow over the past few days the schools have been closed. We are not sure what the next 48 hrs is going to bring weather wise and with the Discovery School having been closed this week we are currently unable to meet at the Discovery School on Sunday due to possible health and safety concerns. The MLT have taken the difficult decision to move our worship on Sunday.

On Sunday we are inviting you to join a worship group, worship where you are, or alternatively join one of our Cluster Churches. Below Brian has outlined a small worship time together for you to follow by yourself where you are.

Our Worship groups will meet at 10am. 
One of our worship groups will meet at Brian and Jenny Fortnum’s, however we are also open for others to host, please get in touch if you would like to host one (you just need to provide drinks and a space to gather).

Worship where you are, at home, in Costa, the Spitfire over lunch, use the outline below to spend time with God.

Join one of our Cluster Churches, 9.15am Offam Family Service, 10am West Malling, 9.30am Mereworth.

Our next Service is Sunday 11th March for our Mothering Sunday Service.

How groups could spend their time together on Sunday 4 March:
A cup of coffee/tea to begin with would be good!
Read Psalm 8 – it is an amazing picture of the wonder of God’s creation
Listen to “How great thou art”
Read Ephesians 1:15-23 – it is Paul’s prayer for the church
Question 1: Sometimes parents of an adopted child tell them “we chose you”. Why do you think they do that? How do you think that makes the child feel? Jesus has chosen (and called) us (v. 18). So how do you think God feels about you? And how does that make you feel?
Question 2: God has done some amazing things, like creating the whole universe, parting the Red Sea, etc! But the greatest demonstration of his power is raising Jesus from the dead. We are promised the same power to help us day-by-day (v. 19,20). In what sort of situations do you feel you need God’s help to see you through?
Question 3: Imagine a bicycle wheel – it will help us understand how we are One Body because we all know and love Jesus. Imagine Jesus is the hub at the centre, and members of St Gabriel’s are at the ends of the spokes. As we grow closer to Jesus, what happens to us? Do we grow closer together, or farther apart? Do you value being part of a Church Family (i.e. One Body)? What do you value most?
Pray together the Lord’s prayer to finish.

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