St Gabriel’s celebrated Easter Weekend with a host of different services that attracted many people of all ages. On Maundy Thursday members of the Cluster Youth Group joined in with the various Churches at the Cluster Seder Meal at St Lawrence. Mereworth. The traditional re-enactment of the Passover Meal that Jesus would have celebrated with his Disciples was led by Rev. Pat Dickin, and started off the Easter Weekend in experiential way.

On Good Friday we had our Interactive Easter Service, where young and old explored the Easter Story through crafts, food and song.

Easter Morning started at the Cluster Dawn Service at St Michael’s Church, Offam. Where we celebrated the rising of Jesus, at Dawn, the time where the Women fist discovered that the Tomb was empty and Jesus was alive. After the service we all went to the Tithe Barn to have hot Sausage buns.

Our 10am Easter Morning Service, was our third Sunday of the month service, where we explored the Easter Message through song, interactive prayer and action. After the service, for the first time in memory the adults got first choice of the cakes, as the children and young people took part in our Easter Egg Hunt.
It was great to see so many people join us over the Easter Weekend.

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