Coronavirus and Worship

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As you know Coronavirus is having a big impact on the world, and our prayers are with all those impacted. As mentioned last Sunday advice is very rapidly changing, and whilst there is no guidance to stop meeting for worship at this time. It is going to have an impact on how we worship. We will continue to meet to worship, until we are advised not to, or the schools shut and we are not allowed to – and then we will find other ways. Advice has moved from just communion to whole worship, so please read the details below on how things are changing on Sunday.

If you don’t want to risk or can’t come to church due to self isolation? Firstly let me know, so I can make sure we can look out for you pastorally and don’t struggle alone! Join us in prayer everyday at 12pm – via email or pick up/let me drop off a prayer diary. Secondly join us on a Sunday morning in worshipping at home at 10am – I have included in this email a prayer card below that you can use or I can email it to you/drop it off. Read the Lent book, and think about the questions involved.

The Church of England is continuing to offer guidance (all guidance we are following with explanation is found here ). The main points are;
Do not attend church if you are unwell, show signs of the virus or asked to self-isolate
Please phone me if this is the case so that I am aware and together we can make suitable arrangements for your inclusion and pastoral care.
The administration of the Chalice at Holy Communion is suspended. Holy Communion will be offered in one kind only (the bread) and the Priest alone is to receive the wine.
Shaking hands, or other direct physical contact is suspended.
During the Peace, simply greet those in your immediate vicinity with a smile and the words “Peace be with you”. Don’t move around the church to greet others.
Priestly blessings or prayers with the laying on of hands are suspended. Prayers will be given in such circumstances without physical touch.
Refreshments at the moment we are planning to provide tea, coffee and packeted biscuits/cake. This is to make sure only one/two people are handling everything. These will be handed to you, as per last week, this may change.
Passing around CollectionPlates is suspended.
The collection plate and card reader will be on the welcome table as you arrive leave and also one at the back of the hall. Please place your offering in the plate as you come in (or if you don’t already do so, take this as an opportunity to start giving by standing order instead). There is an important side point here in that I would ask that you do make sure you continue to give, as best as you’re able and within your means. Our church cannot easily withstand a massive drop in giving if people are not in church and therefore are not making any financial contribution.
Interactivity – making stuff and prayers – At the moment we will be adapting this or maybe dropping this, to lessen the amount of shared touching of resources (e.g. pens/scissors/craft material etc)
Washing hands/gel – As long as there is Gel/soap in the school, we ask you to gel or wash hands as you enter.

The most key bit of advice remains that the best way of protecting everyone from the spread of a virus is for everyone to use universal good hygiene, – this means everyone, all the time, effectively disrupting the virus.
o Catch it – sneeze into a tissue.
o Bin it – bin the tissue.
o Kill it – wash your hands.
o Do not touch your face unless you’ve washed your hands.


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