Children’s Groups at Home

We are really excited to be brining you online Children’s groups material on a weekly basis that you can use at home, but you don’t have to be a child! The videos and crafts will be suitable for all ages, so why not experience and explore our bible theme in new ways!

Trinity Sunday – Matthew 28:16-20

You will need
Rice Krispies
Golden Syrup
Bar of Chocolate
Cake cases or a cake tin 
a bowl and spoon

Pentecost – Acts 2

You will need:
A Bible
Dove and Flame Template
For other activities on the Pentecost you can download this sheet

Jesus Ascending to Heaven – Luke 24.44-53

You will need:
A Bible  
A Glass
Sparkling Water
Raisins or Sultanas
Mug in a cake recipe
For further craft actives can be found in the Messy Church Ascension day sheet

The Promise of the Holy Spirit – John 14.15-21

You will need:
A Bible  
Gods’ Promise Craft sheet
A Jar or Box
Some craft bits to decorate with 

I am the Way – 10-05-20

This Sunday the focus is on John 14:1-14, Jesus’ saying that he is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

You will need
Coloured card or paper
Ribbon or String
Colouring Pens

I am the Good Shepherd 03-05-20

This Sunday the focus is on John 10:1-10, Jesus’ saying that he is the good Shepherd.

You will need:
Card or paper or an old school shirt
Colouring Pens

Road to Emmaus Sunday 26-4-20

This Sunday the focus is on Luke 24:13-35, Jesus meeting his friends on the Road to Emmaus.

You will need :-
The downloaded PDF
Colouring Pens

As an extra we have attached a copy of the Messy Church Road to Emmaus ideas if you want to give them a go at home