Carols around the Christmas Tree – A guide

carols-around-the-christmas-tree_2_withliberty_3We are really excited about welcoming you to Carols around the Christmas tree on Saturday. To help you get there safely and enjoy the event please see details below. The event is being led by the Churches on Kings Hill (St Gabriel’s and The Christian Fellowship) and staffed by volunteers. This is a community event for Kings Hill and we want it to be fun for all, and our hope is that it can become an annual event, so please use
common sense at all times.



The event will still go ahead if it is raining (not forecast until 6pm, currently) but will be shortened. We want to make sure we honour all the preparations and effort that have been put in by the schools and choirs.


Getting there

The best way to get to Liberty Square is to walk. It doesn’t take long from most parts of Kings Hill (unless of course you are travelling with a toddler) and it will keep you fit.

As you know parking around Kings Hill can be difficult at the best of times and we are expecting large numbers to the event. So if you can please leave the car at home. If you do have to come by car please use the various car parks (the Liberty Square one is likely to be full). Please don’t park on Queen Street, Milton Lane and Fortune Way as these are always busy and be very considerate to residents if you have to park not using the car parks (please only do this as a last resort).

 At the end of the event

The Spitfire is offering mince pies and mulled wine to the first 150 people, please do not rush and cause a stampede! If you are heading that way, please pay attention to the stewards and do not walk through the car park (for safety reasons). You will be able to leave Liberty Square from all exits, but not straight into the car park from the doctors surgery. Please remember there is a car park next to the square, and also the roads are not being closed, so be considerate to motorists and if you are driving, be considerate to pedestrians.

What’s Happening?

The event will be led from a stage that will be situated next to the Christmas tree underneath the streetlight in the Liberty Square. We start at 5 PM where there will be a welcome and then the first Carol. After the first Carol the lights will be switched on and following that there will be songs by the Kings Hill schools interspersed with carols led by the Kings Hill Churches Choir. The event will conclude with all three schools signing silent night. We expect the event to finish around 6.15pm. This is a standing only event!


There is a lot of ambient light in Liberty Square and of course everyone will have lanterns with them, but please feel free to bring a torch if you know you need it to read the carol words.

Access to Liberty Square

You will be able to access the Liberty Square from all sides in the run-up to the event.

The grassed area is our backstage and will be used to keep the School Choirs safe and allow them ease of access to the stage. This means that you will not be able to walk on the grass areas by the tree whilst the event is taking place unless you are in the school Choirs.
During the event you will be able to walk around the back of the square by the doctors surgery if you need to move from the Asda side to the Waitrose side.

Charitable donations

You can drop off your donations of toys or sheets to the Liberty offices in the control tower where members of the Kings Hill is or Kings Hill Rotary will gladly receive them. You will also be able to pick up your donation candle for next week’s Christingle service at the same place.


If you have any issues needing first-aid attention during the event you will find two first aiders near the Liberty offices in the control tower.


We are really please to have stewards from Kings Hill Rotary and the Churches on Kings Hill. They will be guiding people and are there to help. If you have any problems please contact them in the first instance and they should be able to help you out.

They will also be your guides at the end of the event to help you leave safely.


We would love you to take photos of the event and share them with us. You can do this via social media using #khcarols and tagging us in them. There will be a photo-gallery in the days after the event on There will also be official photographers at the event taking photos through out.

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