Kings Hill Messy Church

Due to Coronavirus Messy Church in person has been paused, but has taken place over Zoom at Christmas and Easter. We are brining back Messy Church fully in October 2021. You can get regular faith at home activities by following our Children’s Groups at Home, which includes crafts and bible stories, to view or download weekly.  Good Friday was our last Messy Church at Home we published, which you can see below.

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Good Friday Messy Church – at Home!

Click on the links below to download two Messy Church services and activities that you can use to celebrate Eater at home, and also some activities to keep little ones occupied.

Messy Good Friday at home – Messy Easter at home

St Gabriel’s is home to Messy Church on Kings Hill.  Meeting every month on the 2nd Sunday of the Monday  at 4pm on a Sunday afternoon, at Valley Invicta Primary School Kings Hill. Previously we met 6 times a year. If you are new to Messy church, it is a mix of activities, worship and food. It’s for all ages and through the activities and worship we explore a theme and then share a meal together. One of our most popular Messy Church’s is on Christmas eve, where we have a scratch Nativity and Christingle making and lighting as part of the service.


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